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本文摘要:一、晤面问好Good morning/afternoon/evening./May I help you? /Anything I can do for you? How do you do? /How are you? /Nice to meet you. It’s a great honor to meet you./I have been looking forward to meeting you. u.Welcome to China. We really wis


一、晤面问好Good morning/afternoon/evening./May I help you? /Anything I can do for you? How do you do? /How are you? /Nice to meet you. It’s a great honor to meet you./I have been looking forward to meeting you. u.Welcome to China. We really wish you'll have a pleasant stay here. I hope you’ll have a pleasant stay here. Is this your fist visit to China? Do you have much trouble with jet lag?二、展会交际用户1. Let me introduce you to Mr. Li, general manager of our company.让我先容你认识,这是我们的总司理,李先生。2. It’s an honor to meet. 很荣幸认识你。3. Nice to meet you . I’ve heard a lot about you. 很兴奋认识你,久仰台甫。4. How do I pronounce your name? 你的名字怎么读?5. How do I address you? 如何称谓您?6. It’s going to be the pride of our company. 这将是本公司的荣幸。

7. What line of business are you in? 你做那一行?8. Keep in touch. 保持联系。9. Thank you for coming. 谢谢你的惠临。


10. Don’t mention it. 别客套11. Excuse me for interrupting you. 请原谅我打扰你。12. I’m sorry to disturb you. 不起打扰你一下。13. Excuse me a moment. 对不起,失陪一下。14. Excuse me. I’ll be right back. 对不起,我马上回来 三、展会常用谈判用语What about the price?对价钱有何看法?What do you think of the payment terms对支付条件有何看法?How do you feel like the quality of our products?你以为我们产物的质量怎么样?What about having a look at sample first?先看一看产物吧?What about placing a trial order?何不先试订货?The quality of ours is as good as that of many other suppliers, while our prices are not high as theirs. By the way, which items are you interested in?我们的产物质量与其他生产商一样的好,而我们的价钱却不象他们的那样高。

哎,你对哪个产物感兴趣?You can rest assured.你可以放心。We are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market.我们一直在提高我们产物的设计水平,以满足世界市场的要求。This new product is to the taste of European market.这种新产物欧洲很受接待。

I think it will also find a good market in your market.我认为它会在你国市场上脱销。Fine quality as well as low price will help push the sales of your products.优良的质量和较低的价钱有助于推产物While we appreciate your cooperation, we regret to say that we can’t reduce our price any further.虽然我们谢谢贵方的互助,可是很抱慊,我们不能再减价了。

Reliability is our strong point.可靠性正是我们产物的优点。We are satisfied with the quality of your samples, so the business depends entirely on your price.我们对样品的质量很满足,因此生意业务的成败就取决于你们的价钱了。To a certain extent,our price depends on how large your order is.在某种水平上,我们的价钱就得看你们的定单有多大。


This product is now in great demand and we have on hand many enquiries from other countries.这种产物现在需求量很大,我们手头上来自其他国家的许多询盘。Thank you for your inquiry. Would you tell us what quantity you require so that we can work out the offer?谢谢你询价。为了便于我方提出报价,能否请你谈谈你方需求数量?Here are our FOB price. All the prices in the lists are subject to our final confirmation.这是我们的FOB价钱单。

单上所有价钱以我方最后确认为准。In general, our prices are given on a FOB basis.通常我们的报价都是FOB价四、机场接客Excuse me; are you Mr. Wilson from the International Trading Corporation? How do I address you? My name is Benjamin liu. I’m from the Fuzhou E-fashion Electronic Company. I’m here to meet you. We have a car can over there to take you to your hotel. Did you have a nice trip? Mr. David smith asked me to come here in his place to pick you up. Do you need to get back your baggage? Is there anything you would like to do before we go to the hotel? 五、相互先容Let me introduce my self. My name is Benjamin Liu, an Int’l salesman in the Marketing Department. Hello, I am Benjamin Liu, an Int’l salesman of FUZHOU E-FASHION ELECTRONIC COMPANY. Nice to meet you. /pleased to meet you. / It is a pleasure to meet you. I would like to introduce Mark Sheller, the Marketing department manager of our company. Let me introduce you to Mr. Li, general manager of our company. Mr. Smith, this is our General manage, Mr. Zhen, this is our Marketing Director, Mr.Lin. And this is our RD Department Manager, Mr. Wang. If I’m not mistaken, you must be Miss Chen from France. Do you remember me? Benjamin Liu from Marketing Department of PVC. We met several years ago. Is there anyone who has not been introduced yet? It is my pleasure to talk with you. Here is my business card. / May I give you my business card? May I have your business card? / Could you give me your business card? I am sorry. I can’t recall your name. / Could you tell me how to pronounce your name again? I’ am sorry. I have forgotten how to pronounce your name. 六、小聊片刻Is this your first time to China? Do you travel to China on business often? What kind of Chinese food do you like? What is the most interesting thing you have seen in China? What is surprising to your about China? The weather is really nice. What do you like to do in your spare time? What line of business are you in? What do you think about…? /What is your opinion?/What is your point of view? No wonder you're so experienced. It was nice to talking with you. / I enjoyed talking with you. Good. That's just what we want to hear. 七、确认话意Could you say that again, please? Could you repeat that, please? Could you write that down? Could you speak a little more slowly, please? You mean…is that right? Do you mean..? Excuse me for interrupting you. 八、社交招待Would like a glass of water? / can I get you a cup of Chinese red tea? / How about a Coke? Alright, let me make some. I’ll be right back. A cup of coffee would be great. Thanks. There are many places where we can eat. How about Cantonese food? I would like to invite you for lunch today. Oh, I can’t let you pay. It is my treat, you are my guest. May I propose that we break for coffee now? Excuse me. I’ll be right back Excuse me a moment. 九、离别用户Wish you a very pleasant journey home? Have a good journey! Thank you very much for everything you have done us during your stay in China. It is a pity you are leaving so soon. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. I’ll see you to the airport tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to look me up if you are ever in FUZHOU. Have a nice journey! 十、约会客户May I make an appointment? I‘d like to arrange a meeting to discuss our new order. Let’s fix the time and the place of our meeting. Can we make it a little later? Do you think you could make it Monday afternoon? That would suit me better. Would you please tell me when you are free? I’m afraid I have to cancel my appointment. It looks as if I won’t be able to keep the appointment we made. Will you change our appoint tomorrow at 10:00 to the day after tomorrow at the same time?Anytime except Monday would be all right.OK, I will be here, then. We'll leave some evenings free, that is, if it is all right with you. 十一、市场销售客户询问:Could I have some information about your scope of business? Would you tell me the main items you export? May I have a look at your catalogue? We really need more specific information about your technology.Marketing on the Internet is becoming popular. We are just taking up this line. I’m afraid we can’t do much right now. 回覆询问:This is a copy of catalog. It will give a good idea of the products we handle. Won’t you have a look at the catalogue and see what interest you? That is just under our line of business. What about having a look at sample first? We have a video which shows the construction and operation of our latest products. The product will find a ready market there. Our product is really competitive in the world market. Our products have been sold in a number of areas abroad. They are very popular with the users there. We are sure our products will go down well in your market, too. It’s our principle in business “to honor the contract and keep our promise”. Convenience-store chains are doing well. We can have anther tale if anything interests you. We are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market Could you provide some technical data? We’d like to know more about your products. This product has many advantages compared to other competing products. There are certainly being problems in the sale work at the first stage. But suppose you order a small quantity for a trail. I wish you a success in your business transaction. You will surely find something interesting. Here you are. Which item do you think might find a ready market at your end? Our product is the best seller. This is our newly developed product. Would you like to see it? This is our latest model. It had a great success at the last exhibition in Paris. I’m sure there is some room for negotiation. Here are the most favorite products on display. Most of them are local and national prize products. The best feature of this product is that it is very light in weight. We have a wide selection of colors and designs. Have a look at this new product. It operates at touch of a button. It is very flexible. This product is patented The functioning of this software has been greatly improved. This design has got a real China flavor. The objective of my presentation is for you to see the product’s function. The product has just come out, so we don’t know the outcome yet. It has only been on the market for a few months, bust it is already very popular.。



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